About Vision Academy:

Vision academy is one of our social responsibility projects. With this project we aim to give an opportunity to amateur backend or mobile developers; test engineers; data engineers; performance marketing, social media, communications experts and motion artists to be professional. If you are interested in career change and diving into the heart of the digital world; this is the chance!

Vision Academy; in its third term, is waiting for its participants who have a passion for technology - keen to leverage existing skills and seek out new skills and solutions.

  • This is an education program which will last 3 - 6 months depending on each trainee’s level.
  • During this period each trainee will have a Mentor and monthly feedback & improvement plan from him/her.
  • Successful trainees might have an internship and job opportunity when they graduate from Vision Academy.

If you:

  • Have university degree (Master degree is an asset);
  • Are a 4th year student of an undergraduate program;
  • Are willing to have a career in Product, Marketing, Communications, Creative, Customer Happiness, Data or Development departments.;
  • Are a product squad & tech-savvy person;
  • Have an excellent analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving skills;
  • Have a drive to work in a tech startup environment;

then, Vision Academy suits you!

About Vision:

Vision Technology is a pioneer software and artificial intelligence research company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our mission is to create sustainable technologies that benefit all of humanity. We pride ourselves on being a company that develops products on a global scale. Our 'very' name Vision refers to our forward-thinking and bold approach to problems we face, and we strive to achieve a significant impact on the history of humankind. Our current four products are Faladdin, Binnaz, Vimbo and Sertac Tasdelen Studio.
Faladdin is an Astrology & Fortune Telling App downloaded by over 25 million users from around the globe. It's available in English, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic languages and recently hit no:10 in the U.S. market App Store! It's an AI-based application offering individual analysis about life by combining deep learning skills and ancient knowledge of mystical disciplines like Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance, and exotic Coffee Cup Reading and become like a good friend of its users. Faladdin also has a natural and mystical story behind its character, Sertaç Taşdelen, who is also the Co-Founder of Faladdin.
Binnaz is a fortune-telling and spiritual advising marketplace with thousands of real psychics, advisors, and life coaches. Binnaz's name comes from the Co-Founder Sertaç Taşdelen's mother, and it has an interesting story behind it. Sertaç Taşdelen, who was a Management Consultant in Ernst & Young Singapore, inspired by his mother Binnaz Gündoğan's ability to read fortunes, has established Binnaz in 2010 with the CTO Kaya Diker.
Vimbo is a safe and educational children's app that offers age-filtered videos, audio & picture storybooks and games for kids between the ages of
ST Studio
is e-commerce business as an Innovative Design Philosophy Combining Technology with a Fashion Brand.

Vision is an Endeavor Company