About Vision:
Vision Technology is a pioneer software and artificial intelligence research company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our mission is to create sustainable technologies that benefit all of humanity. We pride ourselves on being a company that develops products on a global scale. Our current two products are Faladdin & Binnaz.

About Faladdin & Binnaz:
Faladdin is the world’s number one fortune-telling application that blends the ancient knowledge of mystical teachings such as a coffee cup, tarot, clairvoyance, and astrology readings with deep learning skills to provide a personal analysis.Faladdin is much more than just a fortune-telling app. While evaluating the person’s past, it makes deductions about the present and sheds light on the future depending on data.

Binnaz is a marketplace app that brings together fortune tellers and psychics with customers seeking fun and consultancy at multi-levels. With reading types ranging from traditional Turkish coffee cup reading to scientific astrological analysis, Binnaz offers her clients from different parts of the world the luxury of bringing the consultants into their workplace, home, or any place of preference. What started as a hobby gift from a loving son to a talented mother has now turned into a large-scale business growing exponentially worldwide.

Remote Working Opportunity

Vision is looking for a Data Engineer to govern the user-generated data in our apps Faladdin & Binnaz.

What we do:

  • Vision Data Department provides insights, actionable results to a wide variety of stakeholders across the organization in support of their decision making.
  • We work together with a number of departments to design and implement data pipelines, data models, reports, analyses, dashboards and machine-learning applications.


  • Work in a clearly constructed (analysis, engineering, science) data team of 4
  • Maintain the pipeline feeded by 30M+ user-generated data from product database and 3rd party sources to the data warehouse
  • Creating ETL scripts from scratch to feed the data pipeline
  • Maintain data integrity throughout the data pipeline
  • Co-work and communicate with various departments about developing and maintaining relevant data flow
  • Maintain and extend our CI/CD processes and documentation


  • A degree from Computer Science or Software Engineering (or a related quantitative field), however, relevant experience is taken into consideration
  • Familiarity with CS101 concepts such as algorithm design, debugging practices, data structures, functions etc.
  • Familiarity with data engineering concepts such as ETL, lake, warehousing, MySQL PostgreSQL databases
  • Experience with Python (pandas, numpy, pyspark, any one of the sql bridging libraries), SQL, MS Excel and basic shell scripting
  • Experience with Rest APIs and related concepts such as creating requests, responses and error handling


  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Self-motivated learner
  • Good communication, storytelling and documentation skills with a sense of doing modular work
  • Dynamic team player and strong team spirit
  • A passion for technology - keen to leverage existing skills and seek out new skills and solutions

Pluses (please note that these are desirable skills and are not required to apply for the position):

  • M.Sc. in data or a quantitative field
  • Experience in mobile gaming or app industry
  • Experience with AWS architecture (S3, Glue, Lambda, Redshift)
  • Familiarity with mobile KPI lingo such as onboarding, retention, monetization, engagement, acquisition etc.
  • Familiarity with a database administration tool such as Datagrip, DBeaver
  • Experience with Postman, Apache Airflow, Hadoop, Docker, Git, Jira

What We Offer:

  • You will take part in the journey of a rapidly growing start-up company which is building global brands
  • You will both experience creative works and learn the application business
  • You will work with the people who listen and care about your ideas and you’ll have the chance to execute your ideas, in a very fast way.
  • You will have the chance to improve all your talents.
  • Remote working opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Bonus opportunity after 6 months of employment
  • Benefit from the mid-year salary increase (July 2022)
  • Private health insurance